bark house number in bronze

cast bronze bark number 2

Solid cast bronze bark

$ 34.95 each, in soft brassy tones
$ 37.95 each, in soft coppery tones
s&h: 6%, but at least $9.95

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closeup of bark bronze house number
back view bronze bark house number

Barking up the right tree!

If you want to add a stunning custom touch that truly fits the rustic style and natural setting of your home, consider our solid bronze pine bark house numbers! Numbers vary, but most are 4" tall x 2.25" wide (except the #1) and about 3/16" thick. Each number is individually cast and hand finished, and you can tell the second you touch the roughly textured surface and pick one up - they average 0.4 pounds each! Each number attaches with two countersunk antique brass or bronze screws, which we provide.