Do the number change their patinas?

Yes, the raw copper numbers become quite dark over time and may even turn greenish if you live near salt water. Changes in other numbers are much extreme and may be nonexistent. Call for advice if you consider this an important topic.

Are these metal numbers solid or plated?

The copper, brass,bronze and aluminum are solid. Twisted twig is plated. Black numbers are solid aluminum with durable black powdercoat.

How are they fastened?

Natural metal numbers are provided with escutcheon pins (small decorative round head nails). Cast numbers and black powdercoated numbers come with complementary screws.

How wide are the numbers?

It depends. Usually the number one is skinny and others are wider. If it is critical to know then give us a call and we'll figure it out.

I really need a 3 inch high number. Can you do that?

Yes, typically at the price of a 4 inch number but only in certain styles.

How about other sizes?

Well yes, but often it is pricey.

Do your numbers rust?

No, because they are all made of non-ferrous metals or ceramics

Do your mounting nails or screws rust?

No, because they are made of brass or plated brass.

What are the lead times?

It depends. Some are on hand ready to ship, others are made to order and take longer.

Have your numbers been in any movies?

Yes, our Grove style numbers can be seen closeup in the movie "Disturbia"

How about in any five star resorts?

Why yes, there are zillions at the Crane Resort in Barbados.