house numbers

The house numbers you choose to display your address will provide many visitors with their initial impression of your home, so consider choosing numerals that will reflect your home’s design style. The challenge is where exactly to find, for instance, Colonial style house numbers? Fortunately, we can accommodate you from Victorian to ultra contemporary, mid-century modern and even neolithic civilization style.

house numbers and letters

In the majority of categories we can make house numbers and letters enabling the individual to spell out east, west, north, or south in a variety of architectural styles.

decorative house numbers, bronze, copper, aluminum

Instead of remarkably boring address numbers, why not try unique address numbers that are also fun? If you have a rustic cabin, try rustic house numbers. If you live in a Georgian colonial house, take a look at our colonial numbers. Other popular categories include classic, English cottage, Mexicali, Bronze, Craftsman bungalow, and Camelot.

For cabin, ranch, or lodge we have cast twisted twig house numbers.

house number mounting method

Most of our metal house numbers mount with escutcheon pins, which are basically one in ch long nails in which the base metal is brass and then they are covered with a nickel plating. Brass does not rust, so you do not need to worry about vertical rust streaks down the side of your house. For most of our custom brass and copper numbers the escutcheon pins are brass, which will eventually patina to the same look as the background metal. Many of the bronze house numbers mount with screws. If you are mounting against wood these two types of mounting fasteners work great. However, surfaces such as stucco, cement, and stone pose special problems, which we should probably talk about. Often, with nail mounted numbers we make them without nail holes and then the end user attaches them with a construction adhesive. Of course, it is extremely important to make certain the numbers are well positioned before allowing the adhesive to set.